Hi, I'm Janet or Jambot, J-murder, Jannie, Jamb, J-net, JMo, Missy, Janée, Janet Snakehole [apparently I have a lot of nicknames]. I live in Warren, the coolest town in RI, in a very old historic possibly haunted house with my husband, Uriah, + our dog, Oskar.

I am happiest with camera in hand + prefer to be behind it rather than in front of it. When I am not working you can find me getting dirt under my nails either gardening or cultivating my ever growing house plant collection. I am a loud laugher + an easy crier. My greatest fear is to be mundane and stagnant [plus snakes + heights]. I think I am better in person than in writing.  Send me a note if you want to meet!

My approach to photography

I am an intuitive photographer working from instinct without a lot of concern for rules. I like to push boundaries to create emotive + evocative imagery. My journalistic style allows me to capture your event as it unveils; I’m inconspicuous + unobtrusive allowing for organic story telling. I aim to reach a level of intimacy with my subjects, to be more than just a photographer, but also a friend.  To learn more about my approach, see kind words from some of my past couples.


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